Welcome - Online2Learn (0_WELCOME)
Welcome - Online2Learn (0_WELCOME)
This is an introductory course to the LMS - Learning Management System, for those who have created an account on the Online2Learn platform. We will share how to enroll in individual courses and get started.
Teaching and Learning Roundtable (1-TLRT)
Teaching & Learning
Teaching and Learning Roundtable (1-TLRT)
This course is designed for those teaching or developing online classes for TalentLMS. The course will review teaching strategies, based on the features and tools available in the TalentLMS platform. Although there are instructional videos...
Talking about People with Different Abilities (ABILITIES)
Communication Skills
Talking about People with Different Abilities (ABILITIES)
Language (and the questions it forces people to ask and consider) plays an essential role in inclusion and can increase visibility and empathy for groups that have historically been marginalized or misunderstood. This short course will...
APRPREP - Online Study Course (APRPREP)
Communication Skills
APRPREP - Online Study Course (APRPREP)
APRPREP, Online Study Course is designed to prepare professionals for Accreditation in Public Relations. It is a professional development program. The Online Study Course is self-paced, including ten modules focused on the KSAs -- Knowledge...
ATD Capabilities Facilitation (ATDCF)
Teaching & Learning
ATD Capabilities Facilitation (ATDCF)
ATD Capabilities Facilitation is designed for CPTD/APTD facilitators in the ATD Credentialling community. This self-paced course is required to be considered a Facilitator in the ATDKC CAPABILITY LEARNING COMMUNITY [ATDCSG]. The modules will...
ATD Capabilities Study Group (ATDCSG)
Teaching & Learning
ATD Capabilities Study Group (ATDCSG)
This is a Learning Community of Certified Professionals in Training and Development, as well as prospects for the CPTD and APTD Examination.  This course is an immersive and collaborative study series that supports ATD certification (CPTD &...
Implicit Bias (DEI-IMPLICIT)
DEI - Diversity & Inclusion
Implicit Bias (DEI-IMPLICIT)
Implicit, or Unconscious Bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. These biases can be favorable and unfavorable. Implicit bias resides deep in our subconscious and...
eLearning Basics (DEMO5)
Teaching & Learning
eLearning Basics (DEMO5)
A few interesting presentations on basic elearning topics. This is a collection of things you must know in order to succeed in the tech supported learning world!
Diversity Leadership Project (DLP)
DEI - Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity Leadership Project (DLP)
The Authentic Diversity Leadership program is an interactive video, with “real” employees, identified to represent or advocate for one of the eleven protected classes. These employees are the narrators for the learning interactions and...
EC1 - Environmental Collaboration: Principles for Collaborative Decision-Making (EC1)
Communication Skills
EC1 - Environmental Collaboration: Principles for Collaborative Decision-Making (EC1)
This three module interactive course will focus on the cores skills, concepts and principles you will need to be an effective participant in Environmental Collaboration, as a leader, facilitator, professional, scientist, or community stakeholder....

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