Teaching and Learning Roundtable (1-TLRT)
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Teaching and Learning Roundtable (1-TLRT)
This course is designed for those teaching or developing online classes for TalentLMS. The course will review teaching strategies, based on the features and tools available in the TalentLMS platform. Although there are instructional videos...
APRPREP - Online Study Course (APRPREP)
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APRPREP - Online Study Course (APRPREP)
APRPREP, Online Study Course is designed to prepare professionals for Accreditation in Public Relations. It is a professional development program. The Online Study Course is self-paced, including ten modules focused on the KSAs -- Knowledge...
Implicit Bias (DEI-IMPLICIT)
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Implicit Bias (DEI-IMPLICIT)
Implicit, or Unconscious Bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. These biases can be favorable and unfavorable. Implicit bias resides deep in our subconscious and...
eLearning Basics (DEMO5)
eLearning Basics (DEMO5)
A few interesting presentations on basic elearning topics. This is a collection of things you must know in order to succeed in the tech supported learning world!
Diversity Leadership Project (DLP)
Diversity Leadership Project (DLP)
The Authentic Diversity Leadership program is an interactive video, with “real” employees, identified to represent or advocate for one of the eleven protected classes. These employees are the narrators for the learning interactions and...
EC1 - Environmental Collaboration: Principles for Collaborative Decision-Making (EC1)
EC1 - Environmental Collaboration: Principles for Collaborative Decision-Making (EC1)
This three module interactive course will focus on the cores skills, concepts and principles you will need to be an effective participant in Environmental Collaboration, as a leader, facilitator, professional, scientist, or community...
EOCD - Effective Online Course Development (EOCD)
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EOCD - Effective Online Course Development (EOCD)
This is a demonstration course for those interested in how online learning works for employees, organizations and companies. Point-Productions will include examples of an effective online learning interactions and opportunities to explore the...
FOIT - Fiber Optics Installer Theory (FOIT)
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FOIT - Fiber Optics Installer Theory (FOIT)
The Online Fiber Optics Training Course includes eighteen modules, covering Industry Standards and Codes ANSI/TIA/EIA & TSBs, NEC, Fiber construction and installation safety standards. Dr. Sally Ride, the first American woman NASA astronaut in...
NewSpace: Business and Industry Ecosystem (OV1)
NewSpace: Business and Industry Ecosystem (OV1)
This course will help develop the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities to engage the Space Business and Industry Ecosystem. The course will help develop a learning community of entrepreneurs, researchers, engineers, policy makers, designers, writers,...
Interactive Video SCORM Example (POINT-SCORM)
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Interactive Video SCORM Example (POINT-SCORM)
This course is designed to demonstrate how and why online interactive video productions are developed. The course will review teaching strategies, and design characteristics of interactive video learning experiences. The purpose of this...

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